Da siu yan
Da siu yan: Drive away bad luck

By Wilson Liu and Lynn LiuHong Kong Baptist University.

Da Siu Yan Process

Da Siu Yan.

Ta Siu Yan

This video was produced by Tina Chau Le, Hinrich Foundation Scholar Class of 2013 and her class mates from Hong Kong Baptist University. Villain hitting, or...

Da Siu Yan, Beating the Petty Person

(The Best of Asia)...

Hong Kong Da Siu Yan

Villain hitting, Da Siu Yan () or demon exorcising1 is a folk sorcery popular in the Guangdong area of China and Hong Kong. Its purpose is to curse ones...

Hong Kong, how it is - Chinese Voodoo in Hong Kong aka Da Siu Yan

Been having a run of bad luck lately? Maybe this is for you. In this video I explain a ritual/festival in Hong Kong known as Da Siu Yan, which is a form of...

Da siu yan

da siu yan.

Ngo Keng Kiu Da Siu Yan (Villain Hitting/Demon Exorcising)

Hong Kong Culture Series

Tai Siu Yan Yuen

Siu yan