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Rusty Chevrolet (Parody Of Jingle B in the style of Da Yoopers karaoke version

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Rusty Chevrolet by Da Yoopers

Music Video for Rusty Chevrolet by Da Yoopers.

Da Yoopers- Second Week of Deer Camp

Music Video for The Second Week of Deer Camp by Da Yoopers.

Da Yoopers- Diarrehea

sht happens.

Da Yoopers- A Love Song Called Diarreah

Music Video for a Love Song Called Diarreah by Da Yoopers.

30 Point Buck-Da Yoopers

This is just a music vid of one of my favourite comment and rate!! AK-57 uzi radar-laser triple barreled-double scoped heatseekin shotgun!

Da Yoopers Rusty Chevrolet

Da Yoopers Rusty Chevrolet Lyrics I do not own Anything in the video Comment rate subscribe for more music 1. Dashing through the snow IN MY...

Da Yoopers- Talk Time

Track 13 For Diehards Only.

Da Yoopers- Sauna Song

Track 10 Diehards II.

Da Turdy Point Buck

A classic Yooper song by Bananas At Large. Be sure to check out Da Turdy Point Buck II and Da Turdy Pointers Christmas! If you liked this, you might also like...