Jin xing da extreme 333

Jin Xing Da Extreme 333 - 3CH Medium Coaxial Helicopter Review

Extreme 333 3CH Coaxial Helicopter in Jamaica

Flying my Jin Xing Da Extreme 333 3CH Medium size Coaxial Helicopter in Jamaica. Its a 12 inch heli with built in gyro. Outside was a lil too windy so i had to fly...

Jin Xing Da JXD 389 Flying Car - Detailed Review and Indoor Flight

Links to purchase from: Blue rtf (46)...

JXD 333 - RC Helicopter

Jin Xing Da 333 - RC Helicopter.

Jin Xing Da 331 - Toy 3ch mini coaxial Helicopter Review

Jin Xing Da (JHD-335-R ) R/C Helicopter

Jin Xing Da (jxd-335-R) Racer Alloy 3CH Helicopter with led and Gyroscopes System.

Jin xing da 350


Jin xing da salon

333 spiskch extreme-vod

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