Million bells hanging basket

How to plant Million Bells: Jeff Turner plants Million Bells surfinia hanging baskets

Jeff shows us how to plant Million Bells or Calibrachoa into containers for an attractive Summer display. These plants are terrific for their fantastic colours and the...

Production Tips for Growers: Million Bells Calibrachoa

Million Bells, the series that started the whole calibrachoa explosion, are well known for their versatility and perfect for hanging baskets, patio container, window...

Growing Hanging Basket Plants: Calibrachoa Hanging Baskets

Calibrachoa, also known as Million Bells flowers, are beautiful, disease resistant plants that are great for hanging baskets. Learn more about the benefits of...

Million Bells Petunia basket 30 sec Plant of the Day

Million Bells Petunia basket send long shoots that flower feet below a pots rims. Great in hanging baskets or raised beds.

Planting and Care for Million Bells Calibrachoa

The Suntory Collections Million Bells Calibrachoa is an easy-to-grow, low maintenance flowering plant that takes but a few minutes to add to your garden.

Million Bells Petunia

Million bell petunia continually blooms through fall in waves of show color perfect for hanging baskets, raised beds and container gardens.

How to plant Surfinia: Jeff plants trailing surfinias for hanging baskets

Jeff shows us how to plant Surfinia in hanging baskets for an attractive Summer display. Surfinia are terrific for their fantastic colours and masses of flowers.

The Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you the best flowers for hanging baskets! These new varieties for hanging flower baskets are beautiful additions that...

Video 5 Great Plants For Hanging Baskets

Not all plants look great in hanging planters, because most of the time planters that are hanging are placed at eye level or above. Many upright plants, especially...

A Million Blooms with Million Bells Calibrachoa

Witness for yourself an original series from the Suntory Collection, the Million Bells Calibrachoa. This popular and impressive performer has been a hot seller...