Million song dataset tutorial

Process a Million Song Dataset on Hadoop in Minutes!

This video demonstrates how to easy it is to process data on Hadoop with Mortar. We show you how to use the Web Project to load the Million Song Data set...

Million Song: Dependencies ETL Scripts

This tutorial is the first video within the Million Song Dataset series. This tutorial describes the installation of dependencies and execution of the etl scripts.

Group 9 Million Song Dataset - AWS EMR Hadoop Analysis

This video is about Presentation.

Music Evolution

An interactive information visualization of the Million Song Dataset.

Learning Hadoop ViV 3/3

A video I created while learning Hadoop. It deals with the Million Song Dataset, importing it into Hive and querying the data with a jdbc client.

Solby Infotech Hadoop Demo Class - Million Song Data Set Video

Solby Infotech Hadoop Demo Video.

Learning Hadoop VIV 2/3

A video I created while learning Hadoop. It deals with the Million Song Dataset (hfs 5) and querying that data with pig.

Million Song: API Zend Server Community Edition

The second and final video in the how-to video for the Million Song Dataset within Infobright. This tutorial shows you how to install the Million Song api...

Personalized Music Recommender

2015 kse625 Team3 Project Proposal Video Topic: Personalized Music Recommender Webpage:. kr Data: Million Song Dataset...

CSCI E-63 Big Data Analytics Final Project Cascading for Java - 2 min video

Using the Million Song Dataset (mid) and MusiXmatch Dataset (mxd), I thought it would be interesting to see the top most used lyrics represented as a word...