Land yachting kent

Land Yachting Kent Experience Days 30 Second Review

Experience Land boarding, the thrilling extreme sport that sees you reaching up to 40 mph as you race across some of Britains finest sandy beaches. See our...

Land yachting in Kent 2

Kent Scouts - Land Yachting

Kent Scouts Air Activities Team has a blast on Greatstone beach with Kirrawee Land Yachts. Many thanks for your hospitality and getting us all addicted, Joe!

Land Yachting Experience Kent 60 Second Review

Land Yachting at Camber Sands, Kent. Experience the high adrenaline extreme sport where you can race across Britains sandy beaches, reaching speeds of...

Kent Land Yacht Club

Dont forget to watch at 720p for better quality video! Short, re-edit of footage for Kent Land Yacht Club.

Land yachting in Kent

Landyachting part deux

Potty land yacht on the beach

Jim Moran sailing a Potty land yacht at Greatstone beach in Kent. A southerly wind so lots of tacking but great fun!

Landyachting Onboard Camera

Greatstone beach on a sunny, windy and busy day. Lots of good sand but lots of people to share it with! Onboard video with Jim Moran, K611 from Kent Land...

Extreme Land Yachts - 40MPH!!!

Lets be friends! Thank you to Darren Bianchi and Central qld Blokart Club for organizing the 2013 Australian BloKart...