Dan quayle was right about murphy brown

February 1995, Dan Quayle right about Murphy Brown?NDTV

Video rewind: May 19, 1992 Dan Quayle vs. Murphy Brown

On this day in 1992, former Vice President Dan Quayle took a jab at TV character Murphy Brown, played by Candice le mentioned during a speech...

2002 - Dan Quayle 69 & Murphy Brown 10 Years Later

Candy Crowley report from May 9, 2002 on how the former vice presidents comments on the absence of fathers have become accepted in the mainstream ten...

Dan Quayle Speech About Murphy Brown and Family Values

Re Thought Catalog article: Dan Quayle/Murphy Brown/LA Riots.

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Murphy Brown - Your Average Republican Politician (and many Democrats, too)

This pretty much explains any Koch Brother-owned, Republican politician... And most corporate Democrats, for that matter, too. Your Congress is bought.

Murphy Brown Reunion on the KATIE show - 2014

Dan Quayle was right about feminism


Audio No Doubt - Live Aladdin & Move On - 1992

Audio of No Doubt Live Aladdin & Move on - 1992 No Doubt Concert. Los Angeles? - Assuming its 1992 b/c of Tony Kanal saying we are all here for Murphy...

Bette Midler on Murphy Brown

Bette Midler in final episode of Murphy Brown.