Dragon nest inquisitor damage
Dragon Nest NA Final Damage Crusader Zivan in Volcano Nest - T1Gaming 1080P HD

GenieHarmonizeCrusader 700k physical damage 600k magical damage w 2850 FD. Follow us Live everyday on ...

Dragon Nest - Powerful Inquisitor solo Black Dragon Memorias 1st boss in 94 secs

Dragon Nest - Inquisitor impressive gameplay. Subscribe for more Dragon Nest gameplay, updates, tips and guide. Please share and like. If you have...

Dragon Nest PvP Inquisitor Bug: Grand Cross & Holy Burst HAX Damage Ladder

Always record your PvP guys, you never know what youll encounter. Reupload version. Best watched in HD 720p/60fps Sharing, like and comments are...

Dragon Nest NA Max Final Damage Crusader Fun In Third Core Nest

Nothing interesting but really fun to do this on a Crusader because of the large bosses for hammer toss:) Music Final Fantasy 8 - Maybe Im A Lion.

Dragon Nest PvP Inquisitor Ladder 90 cap: Miracle Relic Damage Bug

Inquisitor Ladder 90 cap Miracle Relic bug Season 3 Episode 15. Best watched in HD 1080p/60fps Match list: 1. Barbarian 2. Abyss Walker 1:58 3. Gladiator...

Dragon Nest SEA Volcano Nest Final Damage Light Element Crusader Solo

Member of Lehax guild with 85 critical, 33.5 light attack, 86.3k pattack and 58 FD in town

Dragon Nest Level 70 Crusader Solo Guardian Nest

A level 70 Crusader (Zetsuen) solos Guardian Nest in 20 minutes and 43 seconds. This is a showcase of a Crusader built around raw damage; as I do not stack...

Dragon Nest Lv80 Smasher vs Crusader incredible high damage

This smasher is weak but.... Her class wins, spectrum shower EX 8000 each hit, laser cuter 35000 every time it explodes. Poor crusader. ()

Hack ( Bug ) Damage Inquisitor Dragon Nest INA

Hack ( Bug ) Damage Inquisitor Dragon Nest ina Nick Handrickson Server: Althea Waktu: 29 April , 13:05 wib.

Dragon Nest KR: Inquisitor Skill Boost by Half Sugar (English subbed)

Dragon Nest KR: Inquisitor Skill Boost by Half Sugar, English subtitle translated by chaose5. Other details of the update:...