Da yoopers michigan

Da Yoopers - My Car Wont Go 1987

Heres those funny guys from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Jeff Daniels talks U.P. on Letterman

Jeff Daniels, star of Pure Michigan ads and the Yooper film Escanaba in da Moonlight talked with David Letterman about all things Upper Peninsula last night...

Rusty Chevrolet by Da Yoopers

Music Video for Rusty Chevrolet by Da Yoopers.

Yoopers talk about what it means to live in the Upper Peninsula

We now know the definition of the word Yooper but do we really know what it means to be a Yooper. A quick trip through town revealed a variety of...

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap Comical Roadside Attraction - Matts Rad Show

I shot all this footage while I was on my road trip this summer. Finally had a chance to edit it. Such a funny place. Definitely a must stop if youre in the area.

An Interview With Jim Bellmore Of Michigans Unique Musica Comedy Group, Da Yoopers

Jim Bellmore is a seriously good recording engineer in the seriously funny musical comedy group, Da Yoopers. Native to Michigans Upper Peninsula, Da...

2015 Naubinway, Michigan Vintage Snowmobile Meet

I was up north to visit the Naubinway, Michigan Vintage Snowmobile Meet on the weekend of . These are the sleds that were there, a nice selection of...

Da Yoopers Culture Shock SIDE 2/ 3-4 - YOOP Radio Part 2

yoop Radio was a 4 song skit consisting of Dear Mr. Governor, Talk Time, Iso Sika, and Couch Dat Burps. 1987 Cassette.

Found Nemo Da Yoopers - My Car Wont Go

Da Yooper Plunge 2014

Da Yooper Plunge in Menominee Michigan. January 1, 2014.